4 Places to Pray with Fewer Disruptions

The most beautiful art of developing a prayer life is knowing you can pray literally anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re hanging out at the mall, sitting at the doctor’s office for your routine checkup, or standing in an elevator waiting to get off on the desired floor. Prayer gives us the ability to communicate with God and because God is omnipresent meaning He’s everywhere. That means He is everywhere you are and He hears your prayers.

I used to think it was so difficult to find time in my busy schedule to sit down and pray. I would actually try to pray in one place or schedule a specific time to do it. But that felt too rigid. Too restricted. Too ritualistic. And after multiple failed attempts because I would miss my quote on quote set timeframes or get distracted, I found myself asking God to help me be more mindful to pray. Not, Lord please help me to pray in my closet for an hour or Lord help me to stop falling asleep during prayer when I feel like going to bed. Now don’t get me wrong, if that’s your motto and it works for you go for it. But, I want to share with you some of the best places where I’m able to pray/communicate with God uninterrupted while continuing with my daily lifestyle activities.

  1. Pray while you walk.

I exercise about 4-5 days a week. I have an exercise routine in which I split up arm and leg days. Usually, after my upper body workout days, I head outdoors (as long as it’s not pouring down raining, or thundering) to take a 20-minute walk around my neighborhood. Sometimes, I listen to podcasts, but other days I can’t help but turn off my earbuds, tune out the noises, and have some prayer time during my walk. It’s so refreshing. I find myself praying about my job, my marriage, my business, for others, the world, or whatever else comes to mind. And the more I do this, I feel refreshed, alive, and excited to get up and go outside. It’s like the Father and I are walking together conversing about real-life stuff. Plus, it doesn’t feel like I’m checking another task off my to-do list for the day. I’m actually spending time with someone I love while working out. How cool is that, huh?

2. Pray while driving or sitting in your car.

This might seem like a more difficult task, but it really isn’t. Holding and talking on a cell phone while driving is way more complicated. Since my commute to work is 30 minutes or less, this is another perfect daily activity I used to spend time in prayer. I turn off the radio and tell God what’s on my heart. Just think, if you have to drive into a hectic, very stressful work environment, praying in your car could be a game-changer for the flow of your day. This allows you to command the atmosphere before getting into work, prepare your thoughts and actions on how you will respond to difficult people or tasks and have an awareness of the presence of God. You can pray the scriptures, or simply utter prayers of protection, thanksgiving, wisdom, or peace.

3. Pray during bath or shower time.

While you’re enjoying your bath or shower time, take a moment to pray. If you’re in there alone a word of prayer will allow you to relax and bring a greater sense of refreshment. Tell God how you feel, what you need, and thank HIM for being able to wash your limbs, comb your hair, brush your teeth, dress, and whatever else you may be grateful for. Even a deep breath in the shower thinking about the goodness of the Lord is a form of prayer.

4. Pray in a secluded room in your home.

Do you have a spare room, garage, walk-in closet, or a secluded space in your home to pray? You don’t have to make it fancy or appealing. I know some people like to create actual prayer rooms in their homes where they spend time in prayer with God. I’m not one of those people, lol. If my husband decides to go run errands and prayer is on my mind, I make any space in my home an altar of prayer. It can be the garage, the office, my kitchen, or even the hallway. I like to pray out loud most times so having the house to myself is a plus. If others are present, a quiet place to escape is good.

And again, your prayer time doesn’t have to be for hours long at a time. The key is to make it a habit. Try to be consistent and incorporate it into daily activities you already do regularly, like while folding laundry, walking the dog, or washing dishes. The more you include prayer into your daily life it becomes less a chore or a burden You’ll see it as a privilege. A lifeline. A desire and BEST of all you will have the Father’s ear.

So tell me, where are some of your favorite places to pray? Do you have a prayer room or prayer closet? I’d love to know and hear from you.

You can also send me your prayer request(s) via email at hi@donnasherrie.com