Ready to Overcome…

Are you a woman who has survived childhood trauma?
Have you been impacted by incarceration?
Do you desire to rebuild your life and your confidence?

Has your life been shattered by unhealthy relationships?
Do you struggle with low self-esteem because of childhood traumatic experiences?
Are you plagued with limiting beliefs and thoughts of self-doubt due to internal struggles?
Feeling numb, suffocated, or stuck?

I've been there too. It's uncomfortable and painful.

Several years ago, I found myself in a shattering situation that led me to incarceration at a young age. I was lost, broken, timid, angry, and had little self-esteem due to adverse childhood experiences. Through much self-reflection, prayer, counseling, internal work, and other supportive measures I've been able to move past those dark places and regain my God-given identity and self-worth.

If you’re still reading this, I believe you’re ready to overcome! You’re ready to Get Up, Heal and OVERCOME to live better beyond the pain.

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Here’s what Readers are saying about my New Book!

Deborah B.

Very inspiring!

Patrice M.

Helpful Reading.

Kaleena B.

A must have book!

Levy R.

Written from the soul, full of grit and determination.

Jae W.

An encouraging and inspiring read!

Deb B.

Very well written! Inspirational