Hi, I’m Donna Sherrie!

I’m here to help you move past self-defeat into Victory.

I’ve been there too. It’s uncomfortable and painful.

Over ten years ago, I found myself in a shattering situation that led me to incarceration just three weeks after my 21st birthday. I was lost, broken, timid, angry, and had little self-esteem due to adverse childhood experiences. Through much self-reflection, prayer, counseling, internal work, and other supportive measures I’ve been able to move past those dark places and regain my God-given identity and self-worth

My style of coaching allows the individual to become a Victor rather than wallowing as a Victim.

I am a Christian Life Coach, Author, and Impactful Speaker. I have coached individuals from various walks of life for over 5 years. I hold a Human Services degree and I believe in treating everyone I meet with empathy and dignity. 

Let’s move forward together.


To provoke women to redefine their self-worth and be restored in hope by giving them permission to accept the truth of who God says they are boldly.


We envision a culture where individuals are empowered to authentically be who God has purposed them to be. 

My Motto: Starting Over doesn’t mean you’ve failed unless you stop trying. 

Core Values

Dignity, Freedom, Identity, Community, Humility, Restoration, Redefinition

I love creative arts and expression. I can hum a tune and dance along. I care about advocacy for those who find themselves in the criminal justice system. 

Plus, I like to laugh, enjoy nature, bowl, watch movies, and spend time with my husband where we reside in North Carolina.