How to be Relentless when Making Changes to your Life with K. Noel

In this episode, I sat down with K. Noel, the founder of Relentless Motivational Group. He is a Husband, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Podcaster. K. Noel has authored three books called, Unlocking the Treasures from Within, #BeRelentless, and The Execution of Purpose. He is the Podcast Host of “Relentless Conversations w/ K. Noel” which takes those with a quitter’s mindset through Relentless Development to unlock the lion or lioness in them to be unmovable in the journey towards attaining their goals and purpose.

In this episode he shares:

  • Overcoming a 7-year hiatus
  • His own journey to becoming Relentless
  • The first practical step to Change
  • Short Motivational Message

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