Why Living with Emotional Pain from Traumatic Experiences doesn’t have to Remain Constant in your Life with Dr. Michelle McCormick | How to Heal from your Past Mistakes + Be Free to Tell Your Story

Dr. Michelle McCormick is a lover of Jesus. At a young age, she struggled with depression and suicide due to trauma from molestation and domestic violence. She became a teen mom having her first child at 14 years old. After 26 years of struggling with low self-esteem, anger, hurt, pain, being a victim, and identity crisis – meeting Jesus was the best thing that happened to her. Through learning to love God who in turn taught her to love herself while going through deliverance and healing she went from a victim to a victor mindset. Dr. McCormick has achieved many great things in her life and the first being the proud mother of her 5 children.

In addition, Dr. McCormick has a doctrinal degree in Christian Theology and is currently in school for a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health with a major in Trauma Counseling. She is a Christian Life Coach and the Founder and Owner of Victim to Victory, LLC She also certifies Christian Life Coaches in her S.H.I.F.T. Transformational Academy, and is a two-time Author on Amazon’s best-seller list. She has also been called to the office of Apostle and has pastored for 9 years.

Above all that, she enjoys being the wife to her husband, Robert, whom she has been married to for 16 years, and a grandmother to their 21 grandchildren.

Her story is going from pain to purpose and promise; from broken to wholeness. She has a story of triumph that signifies God is able! She declares God is able no matter the situation, circumstance, pain, or trauma!

In this episode, Dr. McCormick shares:

  • How she dealt with trauma during her childhood, attempted suicide, and depression
  • How shame can cripple and lock us in a box
  • The importance of unlocking the treasures of the truth of who God says you are in the Bible
  • How an identity crisis causes us to wear different masks

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