Suffering Redeemed: How to Find Strength, Hope, and Joy in the Midst of Suffering with Author Karis Meier

Has there ever been in a time in your life when you questioned why you were suffering? Suffering physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually. We don’t tend to know why God allows some experiences or ailments to happen to us but we can still hold fast to His promises during those difficult times. 

This week I interviewed Karis Meier, the Author of Suffering Redeemed: Finding strength to endure, purpose in pain, and hope for tomorrow.

It’s been seventeen years since Karis can remember feeling well in her body. She has learned to live feeling sick and in pain, but it certainly doesn’t get easier with time. In 2006 she contracted a few species of rare intestinal parasites while traveling overseas. But, the diagnosis went undetected for several months. Karis started feeling sick amid the process of getting married and moving to Alaska, where her husband was stationed in the army. A few months later he was deployed to Iraq. The doctors kept telling Karis it was nerves but she knew it was more. After losing 25 pounds, and persistent to get more tests done, the parasites were found and then treated.

In the weeks that followed, she waited expectantly to start feeling better. But was left disappointed. Every time Karis ate, she felt sick. She was depleted of energy and couldn’t gain the weight back. Stomach pains woke her up in the night and stole her sleep. She felt despair starting to find its way into the core of her being.

Time elapsed and by God’s grace, he brought blessings in the midst of her trial. After being told she would never be able to have children, Karis became pregnant with a son. As the army moved her family from place to place, she met many wonderful people who encouraged them on the way. Although life was not what she would have wanted, God faithfully walked with her family each step of the way.

Only by her hope in Christ and eternity to come was she able to keep on going every day. She burned to use the illness as an opportunity to share her testimony of hope in God. At the same time, she felt burdened by the fact that she may remain ill and weak for the rest of her life and all she could think about was wanting it to be over. Those were the thoughts that would constantly bring her back to her knees, longing to get the Father’s perspective again.

Karis didn’t think things could get worse, but they did. Her heart and flesh were failing her and despair loomed around every corner. The list of bodily ailments continued to grow: intestinal disease, malabsorption, pancreas atrophy, heart arrhythmia, Lyme disease, and peripheral neuropathy. It seemed like her body wanted to give up and so was she. The battle against depression and despair was always waging.

Karis and her husband now have four children and reside in Northern Virginia. She holds a BA in Christian Education and a MA in Counseling. She is a Wife, Mother, Author, Counselor, and Speaker. Karis has struggled with chronic illness for many years and is passionate about sharing how God leads her through this journey. Her heart is to walk alongside others in their suffering and seek God’s comfort and hope in the process. When Karis is not writing, you can find her enjoying the sun, taking walks, playing with her kids, watching soccer, and reading.

In this episode, Karis shares:

  • How to find joy in the midst of suffering
  • How to build a support system and ask for what you need
  • Her personal lessons from God on her journey
  • The importance of speaking and declaring God’s truth

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