From Almost Failed Plans in Thailand to Creating Black and Traveled | Empowering Black Travelers with Sabrina Carter-Anderson

This week, I’m excited to chat with Sabrina Carter-Anderson, founder of Black and Traveled, a travel company focused on empowering Black men and women to pursue their largest travel dreams and providing a safe space for them to travel without limitations. A company that provides luxury and value to its community of travelers. 

In 2018, she took a chance and booked a group trip to a faraway place….Thailand. After salvaging that trip, she realized just what’s needed to have a memorable first-time experience abroad. With over 14 years of project management experience and a love of travel, she decided to create Black and Traveled. 

Since its inception, travelers have voyaged to 7 countries and there are more bucket list destinations to go to.

In this episode, Sabrina shares:

  • Her experience of going on a group trip to Thailand
  • How she utilized her project management skills to rebook her trip while in Thailand
  • The creation, first steps, and how she got started with her travel business
  • Her first trip to Cuba
  • How to plan for your dream vacation
  • The power of seeing a place for yourself
  • How she makes solo or introverted travelers feel comfortable on group trips

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