Stop Overextending Yourself | The Power of Self-Care: Nourishing Moms with Dr. LaToya Wiggins

This week, I spoke with Dr. LaToya Wiggins, the CEO of She is Nourished, LLC. She is a wellness coach, self-care strategist, and transformational speaker for Christian moms. Her goal is to help moms with multiple children go from worn-out to winning, and develop healthy habits to be nourished, renewed, and rejuvenated with biblical principles that bring peace instead of self-pity. Dr. Wiggins holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Marymount University and health and life coaching certifications from the Health Coach Institute. She is a wife, mother of three sons, physical therapist, and lover of health and wellness. Dr. Wiggins enjoys dancing, step classes, comedy shows, and traveling.

In this episode, Dr. LaToya Wiggins discusses: 

  • The importance of pausing before reacting
  • How to give yourself permission to say yes to self-care
  • How to stay conscious of your health and wellness
  • How to take care of ourselves by resting
  • Why self-care is not selfish
  • How incorporating faith into self-care practices can bring peace and joy to a mom’s life and shares some biblical examples of self-care
  • Practical tips for busy moms to incorporate self-care into their daily routine 
  • The role of community and accountability in self-care
  •  How to get the help you need early on to avoid burnout and improve your overall well-being

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Thank you for listening, and we hope you found this episode informative and inspiring.