How Reshanda Yates Overcame Binge Eating and Lost 60lbs by Learning to Love Herself + Dealing with Food Triggers and Ending Binge Eating

This week, I spoke with Reshanda Yates, a Food Trigger Specialist who shares her personal journey of overcoming binge eating and losing 60lbs by learning to love herself. Reshanda dives into her struggles with food triggers and how she ended her binge eating habits.

In this episode, Reshanda discusses: 

  • How to regain your power over food triggers so that you can have more energy and better mental performance
  • How to change your mindset from eliminating certain foods to adding food items that make you feel your best
  • The personal steps she took to overcome binge eating
  • How to shift your focus from concentrating on the scale and identify what you’re feeling
  • The importance of canceling the mixed messages and false narrative received about the perfect body type, the “just the way we are” genetic makeup destiny, and how to be free
  • How  to start fixing your self-image rather than fixing your food
  • Her embodiment method to stop emotional eating

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Thank you for listening, and I hope you found this episode informative and inspiring.