How Carla Arges Overcame Childhood Trauma and Mental Illness to Walking in Her Call to Help Women Renew Their Minds and Affirm Their Identity in Christ

This week, I spoke with Carla Arges, the Host of the Affirming Truths Podcast, Founder of In HIS Image Wellness Collective, Author, Mom, Wife, and Mental Health Advocate. Her mission is to help women take thoughts captive, renew their minds and affirm their identity in Christ. She loves to see women gain confidence in who they are and walk more boldly in God’s purpose over their lives. Carla will share her personal journey and how she has implemented healthy, God-centered coping strategies.  

In this episode, Carla discusses: 

  • Her experience with childhood trauma and mental illness
  • The various ways in which she struggled with mental illness and the impact it had on her life
  • The stigma surrounding mental illness and the challenges she faced in seeking help from therapists and the faith community
  • How she began to build her relationship with Jesus and how it helped her gain stability with her mental health, and the role that faith has played in her healing journey
  • Her Four Pillars of Thriving with Mental Illness and maintaining mental stability
  • The importance of finding a support system and community when dealing with mental health issues
  • The importance of finding a therapist who is the right fit and the challenges she faced in finding the right therapist
  • The importance of doing the trauma healing work and seeking therapy
  • Some of the tools and coping techniques that have helped her in her healing journey
  • Practical tips to renew your mind daily and how to ditch negative self-talk
  • How to disregard the opinions of others
  • Advice for women who may be struggling with mental illness

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We hope this episode has encouraged you and that you have found some helpful insights and tips for dealing with trauma, mental illness, and building a relationship with Jesus.

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