Breaking Free: The Importance of Healthy Boundaries in Overcoming Generational Trauma Cycles with Meghan DeVito

In this episode, we’ll discuss the importance of healthy boundaries and how to establish them in our lives. Today’s guest is Meghan DeVito a Christian Life Coach and Boundary Builder who has a personal story of overcoming challenges and learning to set healthy boundaries.

In this episode, Meghan discusses: 

  • Her personal story of recovery overcoming challenges and realizing the importance of putting healthy boundaries in place
  • The turning point that led her to seek help and how she began the process of healing
  • Experiences of generational trauma and how she broke the cycle in order to establish healthy boundaries
  •  How family dynamics can impact our ability to set boundaries and the importance of breaking free from unhealthy patterns
  • The unique challenges of setting boundaries within families; offering strategies for navigating these challenges and building healthy relationships
  • Insights from the Bible about the importance of boundaries and how to establish them in our lives
  •  Biblical principles of self-care, rest, and honoring our own needs and desires
  • The common challenges that people face when trying to set boundaries with loved ones include fear of conflict, guilt, and a desire to please others
  • How setting clear boundaries can improve the way others interact with us
  • Provides examples of how boundary-setting can positively impact our relationships and overall well-being

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