Navigating Motherhood | Health and Wellness Tips for Moms | How Jenna Hodge, a Motherhood Coach Managed to Overcome PostPartum Depression Three Times

This week, I sat down with Jenna Hodge, a Motherhood Coach, who helps moms with the challenges they face in motherhood. Being a mom of three boys, Jenna helps other moms take care of themselves while taking care of their children. She has overcome post-partum depression three times and has managed to find time for herself and eat balanced meals.

In this episode, Jenna discusses: 

  • Her personal experiences as a first-time mom
  • The symptoms of Postpartum Depression and how to deal with it
  • How to become in tune with your body, recognize when something is off, and seek the appropriate medical attention that you need
  • The importance of communicating to your spouse what you need
  • The challenges that new moms typically face after giving birth
  • Practical ways to develop a routine that works and incorporate self-care time
  • Meal planning and Meal Prepping

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