How Airelle Odom Harley is Helping Women Feel Beautiful and Confident in their Clothes

In this episode, I spoke with Airelle Harley, the Owner and Creative Designer of Southern Throne Boutique.  She is a North Alabama native that has a passion for fashion, crafting, and entrepreneurship. As a part-time entrepreneur, Airelle has grown her handmade niched t-shirt shop to a full-service women’s wholesale and retail boutique in less than three years. 

Southern Throne Boutique offers inclusive sizing options up to 3x true to size while allowing women to feel beautiful and confident. 

In this interview she shares:

  • How she got started making handmade t-shirts
  • How she built credibility online with an Etsy shop
  • The confidence to start a business
  • Transitioning and expanding from an Etsy shop to her own website
  • Tips on how to build a wardrobe from scratch 
  • When to refresh your wardrobe

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