Behind the Mic: Untarnished Moments Podcast and Personal Life Updates with Donna Sherrie

The Untarnished Moments Podcast has officially published 20 episodes with over 500 downloads to help inspire individuals to move forward with their lives in the various areas of personal development. So far we’ve had topics discussing mental health and wellness, developing healthy boundaries, dealing with emotional trauma, self-care, and more. 

The party is just getting started! I’m super excited and encouraged to keep going. I know that someone somewhere needs this show. I’m so grateful to those who have reached out to me to provide your feedback and offer your support. It means a lot. We are Overcomers! Let’s see what God has in store for ALL the episodes to come. 

In this solo episode, I share when I officially launched the podcast and how I feel about podcasting so far. Listen in to hear more about how I’m maintaining a full-time job, running a podcast, and going back to school part-time.

In  this episode, I also share:

  • How my Junior year as an adult college student turned out
  • My health and wellness journey
  • My personal goals progression
  • How you can contact me to ask questions or request a topic to be discussed on the show
  • How to receive my weekly newsletter
  • How to share the show

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Always Remember: “Starting over doesn’t mean you’ve failed unless you stop trying”

Thanks for tuning in.