Achieving Self-Worth: How Prioritizing Fitness and Nutrition is Optimal for your Well-being with Esther Avant

Welcome to another inspiring episode of Untarnished Moments, where we delve into personal growth and well-being. This week, I sat down with Esther Avant, a health industry veteran with over 17 years of experience in fitness, nutrition, and wellness-related roles. She is a certified sports nutritionist, personal trainer, wellness coach, and owner of EA Coaching, which has provided holistic health & lifestyle coaching since 2015.

Her mission is to help women live their happiest, healthiest, and most confident lives and to change the fact that most women are so preoccupied with their weight and bodies that they never fully pursue their passions. She knows that if more women prioritized their health, they’d be able to unleash the confidence and focus they all need to leave their mark on the world.

Esther is also a boy mom and Navy wife who has lived and traveled all over the world while running her EA Coaching.

In this episode Esther shares invaluable knowledge and insights on prioritizing fitness, and nutrition, and how they impact self-worth. Join us as we uncover practical strategies to unlock your true potential to live a healthier and well you. 

We discuss: 

  • How Esther developed her expertise in fitness and nutrition and what makes her passionate about serving in this industry
  • Understanding the importance of sustainable, balanced nutrition
  • Empowering individuals to embrace a healthy relationship with food
  • How to  release food guilt and embrace a positive, intuitive approach to nutrition
  • Strategies for navigating the challenges of maintaining fitness and nutrition during travel
  • Incorporating quick workouts and physical activities into a busy schedule
  • Addressing the impact of negative body image thoughts
  • Promoting self-acceptance and embracing your beauty rather than false societal definitions of beauty
  • Empowering individuals to cultivate a positive body image through self-care, self-compassion, and unending grace

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