#26: Finding Redemption: Overcoming Addiction and Embracing Faith | Transformation through Prayer with Ruth Hovsepian

In this inspiring episode, I delve into the personal journey of Ruth Hovsepian, who bravely conquered addiction and embarked on a path of sobriety. 

Ruth candidly discusses her personal experiences, the challenges of raising three children on her own, her decision to leave behind a double life, and how her profound faith has been a driving force in her recovery.

In this episode Ruth shares:

  • her deeply personal journey of addiction, the struggles she faced, and the turning point that led her toward sobriety
  • How her own experiences have ignited a passionate desire to help others facing similar struggles
  • The transformative power of sobriety and how it has shaped her purpose in life
  • Some of the biggest obstacles she encountered and the strategies she employed to overcome them
  • about living a double life during those dark 15 years
  • The pivotal moment that led to her decision to pursue sobriety and embark on a journey of healing and renewal
  • How her relationship with God has evolved over eight years of sobriety
  • The ways in which her faith has played a vital role in her recovery journey and the power of prayer
  • The inspiration behind the books she’s written and how it can benefit readers on their own spiritual journey

Ruth’s story serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment, inspiring all of us to find strength in our struggles and embrace the transformative power of faith and prayer.

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