How to Find the RIGHT Life Coach or Mentor w/Dr. Patrice Carter

In this week’s exciting episode on Untarnished Moments, I sat down with Dr. Patrice Carter, a Board Certified Coach and CEO of Breakpoint Coaching, LLC, where she certifies and trains Christian Life Coaches, and provides eCourse(s) education and training for established Life Coaches. Additionally, she mentors Life Coaches who want to develop their own Life Coaching Schools and eCourses. Dr. Carter is also a highly sought Speaker and Author of SUPERb Woman: From “Bad Girl to God’s Girl”.

As someone who has 35+ years of combined experience in Entrepreneurship, Military, Health-care, and Academia, Dr. Carter shares in this interview, her expertise on: 

  • How having a Mentor can avoid hard knocks in kneelogy
  • The difference between a Coach and a Mentor and the benefits of hiring one
  • Tips to search for the “RIGHT” Life Coach
  • How to develop a Mentor Wishlist
  • The power and importance of a Coach or Mentor challenging you rather than condemning you
  • The BHAG concept by Jim Collins

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