#31: Empowering Women: Unveiling Truth, Healing Trauma, and Embracing Self-Worth with Rose Jones

This week, I sat down with Rose Jones, who inspires women through her story of being a domestic violence survivor. Rose is honest and straightforward, keeping it real with others and her community about the struggles she faces. She prides herself on telling her truth and creating a safe space for other women to do the same. Rose has accomplished a lot in her life. She is a mother of 4 beautiful children, a certified life and accountability coach, certified in several courses on domestic violence and trauma recovery, and graduated from college. But Rose does not let that define her. She knows her life is her power and that her worth comes from who she is, not what she accomplished, experienced, or gained.

Her goal is to help other women who have experienced similar experiences like domestic violence, trauma, and self–hate to understand their worth, embrace their stories, and heal from the traumatic situation through self-love, self-awareness, and community belongingness. What makes her an expert in this field is that she doesn’t consider herself a highly expert; she is just a woman trying to help another woman get her life back. She says, “God is the true expert. He’s just living out his purpose through Me.”

In this episode, Rose:

  • Opens up about her personal journey of surviving domestic violence, offering a raw and honest account of the challenges she faced
  • Discusses some of the biggest hurdles she encountered during her healing process and shares valuable insights into how she overcame them
  • Defines self-worth and explores the concept of self-worth while offering advice on how to break free from limiting it solely based on external accomplishments or experiences
  • Discusses the importance and pivotal roles of self-love, self-awareness, and a sense of community belongingness in the healing journey for women who have experienced trauma or domestic violence
  • Shares practical steps and implications that women can implement to start reclaiming their lives after experiencing trauma or self-hate
  • Provides insights into how she approaches coaching and supporting women who may feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the idea of seeking help or embarking on their healing journey while creating a safe space for women to share their stories and the strategies she employs to help them embrace their experiences and find healing

Join us in this inspiring conversation as we delve deep into the journey of healing, self-discovery, and empowerment for survivors of domestic violence.

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