#33: Master How to Rewire your Brain and Change your Life with Peggy Easterling from The Mindset School

This week, I sat down with Peggy Easterling from the MINDSET School. Peggy is a Christian Mindset Life Coach whose mission is to help other women smile from the inside out. There was a time in Peggy’s life when she experienced a traumatic event that led to a constant state of fight or flight, wiring her brain in self-protection and pushing away authentic relationships due to distrust.

Although God used her to do some amazing things in her early life despite her skeletons, it was not until her 40s that Peggy became fed up with the fake, phony smile. With help, she finally unpacked and surrendered the basement of her heart to Christ, learned to smile from within, have fun, and enjoy life again.

In this episode, Peggy shares:

  • Her journey from past struggles to becoming a Christian Mindset Life Coach, helping women overcome and move forward by cleaning up the basement of their hearts
  • Her personal journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, the power of community, and emphasizes the importance of safe spaces for vulnerable communication
  • How she found solace in a 12-step program and surrendered her desires to God, leading to a more profound sense of purpose, forgiveness, and fulfillment
  • Tools that can help others with their mindsets and unpack their own heart basement through God’s Word and redemptive power
  • How to do it “sweaty” to overcome your fears, guilt, shame, and open up to share personal experiences that lead to empowerment and freedom
  • How she overcame cognitive dissonance by writing down negative thoughts and bridging them with God’s words, resulting in rewiring her brain and life
  • The importance of surrendering and giving your emotions to Christ, rather than trying to control or suppress them, which can lead to life-changing progress

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Key Verses:

  • 2 Corinthians 10:5
  • Phillipians 4:13

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