#34: How to Be Free from Bitterness and Walk in the Purpose God has Called You with Janelle Askew

This week, I sat down with Janelle Askew an Author, Podcaster, and Empowerment Speaker who helps others to walk boldly in their God given purpose as they work in what God has called them to do, while using the gifts God gave them to use for HIS Glory. Janelle offers godly and practical advice without sugarcoating the message that God has given to her to share with others. She is also actively involved in jail and prison ministry in Nebraska. In addition, Janelle leads the Women’s empowerment group at her church. She is an Air Force Veteran and holds a BA in Healthcare Management and a MS in Organizational Performance. She has three beautiful daughters and resides in Nebraska.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to be free from root of bitterness and walk in the purpose God has called you
  • The signs and symptoms of bitterness in your heart
  • How bitterness can show up in your life
  • How pride, stubbornness, and unforgiveness relate to bitterness and its harmful effects
  • How to be real and honest with God to get to the root of bitterness
  • The importance of understanding your identity in Christ and asking Him about your purpose
  • Reasons why you shouldn’t keep harboring bitterness and how it negatively shapes and plays on your emotions

Remember, good things cannot flow into your life until you let go.

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