#35: Rewrite Your Story |Transform your Relationships, Dating Lifestyle, and Live a Life of Ease with Dr. Florencia

This week, I sat down with Dr. Florencia, a Licensed Psychologist and Modern Day Woman Relationship Coach based in London, UK. She helps high-achieving modern-day women break free from unfulfilling dating and relationship patterns and provides them with evidence-based tools to create the relationships they desire.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to empower yourself to break out of cyclical unhealthy dating and relationship patterns so that you can create the healthy, fulfilling, and enriching partnerships you desire based on what you value in life
  • Common behavioral patterns and trauma-induced limiting beliefs that can keep you stuck (such as reaching out to an ex when you feel lonely or from thinking “I don’t deserve a healthy relationship because I look like XYZ”)
  • How to avoid repeating the same mistakes and what to do to address them while dating
  • The signs and common patterns of unfulfilling relationships, attachment trauma, and relationship trauma
  • How to rebuild your self-confidence after a harsh breakup and enrich who you are while healing
  • How to conduct a dating audit and receive practical dating tips
  • How taking one small step leads to big change


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