#36: How Cat Sharp Conquered Binge Eating and a Sugar Addiction through Faith & the Bible while Developing a Intimate Relationship with Jesus Christ

This week, I sat down with Cat Sharp a Christian Life Coach who loves to share and teach about true freedom in Jesus. After walking away from God’s will in her teens, Cat lived a miserable decade of life which included abuse, extreme depression, suicidal thoughts, and a binge eating disorder.

After what she calls her literal come to Jesus moment, she became hungry for God and His Word. God led her through a process of personal revival that left her excited about Jesus and filled with the desire to encourage others in the Word. She loves to help women who are new to or growing in faith become disciples in their everyday lives so they can enjoy a thriving, vibrant, intimate relationship with their Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ.

In this episode, Cat shares

  • Her journey from a church-raised background to discovering personal joy in Christ
  • The real struggles of binge eating and using it as a coping mechanism for underlying issues, emotional pain or turmoil
  • How she found healing through the scriptures, surrendering to God, and going on a sugar fast for 3 1/2 years
  • Strategies to overcome binge eating, including covering oneself and home in Scripture and installing “speed bumps”
  • Practical tips for women to establish an intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ and the importance of starting with Psalm 119 to better understand God’s true character
  • A prayer for those feeling hopeless alone, or disconnected from God

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