#37: How Angela Antoine Found Her Life’s Purpose Through Reentry Advocacy

What’s Up, Overcomers! This week, I had the opportunity to speak with Angela Antoine an advocate for those that are incarcerated or formerly incarcerated. She knows all too well firsthand about the injustice system. God has chosen her to be a light for all that feel lost, or like there is no hope. She has experienced over 20 years of incarceration; to see her, you wouldn’t believe the journey she has endured. She founded House of Dreams ReEntry Services and From Conviction 2 Redemption, LLC. Currently, Angela is studying Pre-Law with the anticipation of becoming a lawyer!

I met Angela while finishing my prison sentence, and I’ve witnessed the passion she genuinely expresses to those who have been left behind or falsely accused and mistreated.

In this episode, Angela shares:

  • Her personal journey of incarceration and advocacy for those transitioning out of prison
  • How her advocacy work is rooted in her own experiences of mistreatment and wrongful conviction, and she aims to help people find justice and redemption
  • How her sentence was modified from 21 years to 8-11 months after a judge was moved by God to show mercy
  • Her work with the House of Dreams, a reentry program for formerly incarcerated individuals, includes providing support and resources for women and advocating for justice in cases of abuse or neglect within the correctional system
  • Her plans to become an attorney and help wrongfully accused individuals obtain post-conviction relief within 3-5 years
  • Tips on how to offer encouragement and support to loved ones incarcerated or in a cycle of in and out of prisons, while setting boundaries and prioritizing emotional and mental health

Be sure to tune in. 

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