#39: Dear Overcomer, You’re Not Alone in 2024 – Pray with Me

Happy New Year Overcomers! I hope you are excited about this year and expectant for all the wonderful things God will do in and through you this year.

Today, I’m here with a solo episode as I really felt compelled to start this first episode of the new year off with prayer. I could’ve talked about setting goals, creating a vision for the new year, new year resolutions, and all that other stuff, but prayer is more important (in my opinion). Pray will help us get the clarity and direction we need for our lives. It’ll help us to hear from God so that our goals actually align with His will.

In this episode, I share:

  • My word for 2024, its definition, why it applies to this year, and a reference scripture that goes along with it
  • The importance of prioritizing God and His Word
  • A powerful prayer for open doors, marriage restoration, reconciliation, open doors, God’s promises, healing, purposeful living, and more
  • Decrees that you incorporate in your prayer time

Pray Begins at [6:24]


Key Verses:


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