Why Taking Care of your Mental Health Matters: How to Manage Stress + the Importance of Seeking Therapy with Dr. DeAnna C. Murphy

In this week’s episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. DeAnna C. Murphy who is a Professional Counselor, a Clinical Addictions Specialist, a National Board Certified Counselor, a Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, and an EMDR-certified Trauma Therapist. 

Dr. Murphy is described by her industry peers as bold, optimistic, and self-driven. A native of Red Springs, North Carolina, Murphy has dedicated nearly two decades of her life to researching and serving dually-diagnosed populations: mental health and substance abuse. Working alongside disadvantaged minorities, she gained insight into how to apply critical theories to current problems.

With her vast background through education and professional experience, Murphy has now transitioned into her own private counseling practice. Synergy Care and Counseling has been tailored to provide a safe place for women who have experienced trauma and are ready for healing. The practice provides counseling to individuals, families, and couples.

In spring, 2018 Dr. Murphy released her first children’s book, Rayne and the Yellow Dress, part of an Ebony Drive series. The series was created as a pathway for parents and educators to discuss topics of diversity such as colorism, hair texture, and body image with children in the black community.

In this episode, Dr. Murphy explains:

  • How to cope with a mental health diagnosis
  • the Fight, Flight, and Freeze modes
  • How to support a person who appears withdrawn
  • Healthy coping, and relaxation strategies to deal with stress, and the connection between your emotional and physical health
  • the H.A.L.T. acronym, and three different types of trauma a person may experience: acute, chronic, and complex
  • The difference between trauma vs Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and PTSD symptoms
  • Avoidant behaviors
  • How to identify when you’re on high alert and excessively stressing yourself and shares ways to reduce your stress levels
  • Therapy resources for insured, uninsured, and college students

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