#41: When You Feel Insignificant After Incarceration, There is Still a Purpose

Whassup Overcomers, Welcome back to another exciting episode of ARISE: Living your Life with Purpose & Confidence Podcast. I’m your host, Donna Sherrie, and today, I’ve got something truly special lined up for you. I had the privilege of sitting down with the incredible Coach Meghan Devito, the force behind the inspiring YouTube series, ‘In Our Mess God is Never Confused’.

In this episode, I share my transformative journey with her, how I started from a challenging period of incarceration at 21, into emerging as a beacon of hope, guiding women of faith to rediscover their strength and purpose.

In this episode, I share:

  • my experience with incarceration and how it impacted my life direction
  • how I was searching for identity and love in all the wrong places toward the wrong person
  • a look into my past struggles with self-worth and toxic relationships
  • how I moved from despair to empowerment, with the pivotal turn of an unexpected mentor in jail that sparked a journey of healing and self-discovery
  • how I broke free of my past, toxic influences and rebuilt my life with God’s help and direction
  • how I embraced my calling by transforming my pain into her purpose; now dedicated to helping women reclaim their God-given authority, release toxicity, and embrace their true purpose

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