mental illness

How Carla Arges Overcame Childhood Trauma and Mental Illness to Walking in Her Call to Help Women Renew Their Minds and Affirm Their Identity in Christ

This week, I spoke with Carla Arges, the Host of the Affirming Truths Podcast, Founder of In HIS Image Wellness Collective, Author, Mom, Wife, and Mental Health Advocate. Her mission …

binge eating

How Reshanda Yates Overcame Binge Eating and Lost 60lbs by Learning to Love Herself + Dealing with Food Triggers and Ending Binge Eating

This week, I spoke with Reshanda Yates, a Food Trigger Specialist who shares her personal journey of overcoming binge eating and losing 60lbs by learning to love herself. Reshanda dives …


Accessible Travel | How Kristen Secor Makes Wheelchair Travel Easier for Herself and Others | Living with Physical Disabilities | Take the Stress out of Planning Accessible Travel

Kristin Secor was born with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy which affects her mobility, strength, balance, endurance, and breathing (she uses a ventilator full-time). She has worked as a …