mental illness

How Carla Arges Overcame Childhood Trauma and Mental Illness to Walking in Her Call to Help Women Renew Their Minds and Affirm Their Identity in Christ

This week, I spoke with Carla Arges, the Host of the Affirming Truths Podcast, Founder of In HIS Image Wellness Collective, Author, Mom, Wife, and Mental Health Advocate. Her mission …

binge eating

How Reshanda Yates Overcame Binge Eating and Lost 60lbs by Learning to Love Herself + Dealing with Food Triggers and Ending Binge Eating

This week, I spoke with Reshanda Yates, a Food Trigger Specialist who shares her personal journey of overcoming binge eating and losing 60lbs by learning to love herself. Reshanda dives …


Accessible Travel | How Kristen Secor Makes Wheelchair Travel Easier for Herself and Others | Living with Physical Disabilities | Take the Stress out of Planning Accessible Travel

Kristin Secor was born with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy which affects her mobility, strength, balance, endurance, and breathing (she uses a ventilator full-time). She has worked as a …


How Maureen Kemeny Bounced Back After Encountering Numerous Adversities by using Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Nature to Heal Her Body.

Maureen is the President of LIFESWITCH, INC. where she helps women over 40 lose weight and age gracefully to experience more energy and purpose without dieting, calorie counting, or excessive …


Why Living with Emotional Pain from Traumatic Experiences doesn’t have to Remain Constant in your Life with Dr. Michelle McCormick | How to Heal from your Past Mistakes + Be Free to Tell Your Story

Dr. Michelle McCormick is a lover of Jesus. At a young age, she struggled with depression and suicide due to trauma from molestation and domestic violence. She became a teen …