UNTARNISHED: Reclaiming my self-worth through GOD’s Untainted Love (Paperback)

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In this inspiring memoir, Donna S. Farrar shares her journey of overcoming life’s challenges and reclaiming her self-worth through God’s untainted love. If you’ve ever felt broken, mistreated, defeated, or ashamed due to life’s hardships, this book is for you. Through her story, Donna shows how pouring oneself out before God and identifying effective coping skills can help overcome obstacles and reclaim one’s true identity. This book is a true story of faith, dignity, and lessons learned, geared towards inspiring readers to get up again and press on toward victory.

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Have you ever felt, broken?

Rejected, abandoned?

Or unworthy due to life’s challenges?

Have you been mistreated, defeated, and ashamed?

Because of your past while seeming to lose your true identity?

You gotta read this book!

It’s geared to help you:

  • Rekindle your Purpose
  • Find Meaning
  • Restore Hope

It’ll inspire You to Get Up again and PRESS on to MOVE past the pain toward Victory.

It’s a Memoir. A true Story. A real story. One of faith, dignity, and lessons learned.

Insightful captions included.

Are you ready to shine in the face of adversity?

Grab Your Copy Today!

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5 reviews for UNTARNISHED: Reclaiming my self-worth through GOD’s Untainted Love (Paperback)

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  1. PS

    There are few things more moving and powerful than an extraodinary story told in an extraordinary way. Through Donna’s book “Untarnished,” I was able to learn, understand, and feel some or even much of what it was like to walk a path very different from my own, which in turn helps me to better understand and help others. For that and on behalf of impacts on my life and the lives I may touch in one way or another going forward. I am grateful to Donna for sharing her challenges, pains, resiliency, and triumphs. More than inspirational, “Untarnsihed” is certainly impacting the lives of who read it, and those they touch.

  2. CS

    Donna, as I read your book I learned that your success was not just learned, it was grown. You built your own success. A marvelous job!

  3. JJ

    In reading your book Untarnished, this book was captivating, the characters were believable and the plot had so many twists and turns. You are an incredible young lady, your writing is so powerful and I admire your determination, showing a willigness to seek God and live your purpose and a good Godly life. To God be the Glory! Be Bless in whatever you do!

  4. YG

    This book was excellent! I appreciate the author’s sharing her heart so candidly, her pursuit and desire to find healing and wholeness in God’s love! Beautiful life story of God’s forgiveness, forgiveness of others, and God’s redeeming love! Many will find the courage seek God’s healing through this book.

  5. A

    I could only give this book 5 stars, but I would give it a 10! It was an extraordinary read. I believe it’s a book for all people to read.

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